Bring Back the Blade!

Originally installed in 1949, the blade sign beckoned locals and visitors alike to forget their troubles and enjoy a night at The Wallace. Removed in the 80s, efforts are now underway to replicate and restore this historical symbol.

Project Scope

The original Wallace Sign was installed with the theater renovations around 1949. It featured neon lighting, six-foot wide letters on two sides, stood approximately 42 feet tall, and was constructed of solid steel.  

The new blade, designed to replicate the old, will be constructed with more aluminum and lighter in weight. It will feature a lighted chaser antenna and LED Neon lighting to conserve energy. It will also feature a moveable letter marquee with open-faced bulbs to add a historic look.

This historic photo (left) shows the original blade sign and letter marquee. On the right is a current photo of the Wallace.

This historic photo (left) shows the original blade sign and letter marquee. On the right is a current photo of the Wallace.

You can make a difference! Sponsor one of the letters or lightbulbs, join the LHS Class Challenge, or simply donate to the Blade fund. Thank you for helping us restore this treasured symbol!


Sponsor a Lightbulb

For $250, you can sponsor one of the light bulbs that will surround the vintage style marquee. For a fun family event, join us for a special ceremony and screw in the bulb you sponsored! You will also receive a replica of the bulb. There are only 300 lightbulbs available, reserve yours now!


Scott and Rochelle Rombokas

Chad & Jessica Wilson


Sponsor a letter

As a group or individual, you can sponsor an entire letter for $5,000. Your name or year will be inscribed on the letter, and you will receive a commemorative photograph. Your name will be listed on our website and on a permanent display honoring contributors. 

There are 14 letters available to sponsor:

W - 1 Available; 1 Sold! Christy & Steve Wright

A - 2 Available, $5,000

L - 2 Available, $5,000

L - 2 Available, $5,000

A - 2 Available, $5,000

C - 2 Available, $5,000

E - 2 Available, $5,000

LHS Class challenge

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 4.56.14 PM.png


Class of 1978 | $1000

Class of 1965 | $700

Class of 1970 | $610

Class of 1973 | $500

Class of 1966 | $100

Class of 1969 | $20

Class of 1972 | $10

We are challenging each class of LHS Alumni to raise $1,000. Each contributing class will win a special reunion celebration at the Wallace! When you make your donation, please note your LHS class year so we can attribute it to your class total.

All classes and individual donors will be recognized on a permanent display honoring their individual commitment to this community project.

Looking to be a leader for your class? Contact Alycyn Keeling at Class leaders will be provided with social media prompts and resources to post in order to reach their class.

Thank you to the class donors:

Class of 1965: Class of 1965 Billy & Libby Thetford

Class of 1966: Joe Tubb

Class of 1969: Chris Lewis

Class of 1970: Paula Green Land Joe Bill Vardeman Tommy & Ann Wright

Class of 1972: Patti Green Hill

Class of 1973: Terri Barnard Vardeman